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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Music that rocked me in 2012: If you're happy, enjoy the music. If you're sad, understand the lyrics.

YouTube 2011 Party - Makati
2012 is an interesting year as my mindset towards music has change.

I have learned to use it as a tool to calm my thoughts down and reflect.

Focused more on the tune and allow it to cradle-rock me rather than interpret the lyrics which tends to confuse.

I learned that when you stop interpreting and accept facts as it is, weird emotions and negative beliefs cease.

Music takes on a new form. A beautiful sound journey.

These are songs that got my attention this 2012. Looking forward to greater sounds this 2013. :)

I Remember

The Only Exception

I Wanna Hold Your Hand



A Thousand Miles

Every Sunrise


Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Filipinos listening to songs, downloaded, uploaded music online

Listening to songs, music upload / download
increased in 2011
In the Digital Philippines 2011 Yahoo! - Nielsen Net Index report, Filipinos listening to songs in music websites is on the rise (45%). There is also an increase among users downloading and uploading music online from 2009 (25%) to 2011 (37%).

"Pa-copy naman... Pahingi ako niyan.. Send mo sa akin..."

I think the Internet has really change our attitude towards music. If you want to hear it and have a copy of it, you'll likely find someone who can send you one for free or there is a resource out there online where you can download it too. Another way is to record the audio out of those MTV and enjoy it.

Why is this so? Those who voraciously access local music entertainment content are in the 10 to 29 age group. A segment who likely did not grew up buying albums but liking singles instead.

Should they decide to purchase online, most accept payment through credit card or Paypal. A facility that is not necessarily accessible to this age group - so forget iTunes being a big at this time.

For the age group 30 and up, there is a lot of resource online already that fosters the music sharing culture. But for those who can afford, am sure they will still prefer to buy a copy online. I won't surprised though if that is less than 1% of the market.

Piracy overrated?

Industry losses due to piracy is estimated to be at 15 billion pesos. Around 10% to 15% of this is music piracy which is P1.5 to P2.2. billion a year. This is a combination for both foreign and local content - I assume.

As for the local music industry, I don't think the figures are high. In reality, how many new artists and albums gets released in the Philippines each year? How many Pinoys will really go out of their way to hunt down old music of their favorite Filipino artist?

Sometimes, you also don't need to download anymore. Just go to YouTube and watch / listen to your favorite artist online.

Selling Music Online and Marketing Royalty-Free Music

In reality though, purchasing music online is not a top priority of a user needs and wants. Therefore selling music these days needs to be marketed and given differently to the consumer - with fun and cool factor in. Some thoughts:

1. Buying an mp3 version of a music over the counter or a website. Simple as it may sound but it is too complicated to buy online music nowadays. Can I just purchase a specific song I like via a Multiply store? (seriously)

Encourage people to buy music online with more bang in the buck. This can be special privileges such as winning a concert ticket or freebies.

Make users feel proud supporters of online music. It can be a cool identity type, like being part of a community, and not the nagging one - "no to music piracy" usual slogan.

2. I have seen commercial establishments now investing in royalty-free music to avoid being run after by music associations for playing commercial music. A friend in the hotel industry pays a fixed sum every so often to a person who compiles royalty-free music, the good ones, that can be played in hotels.
I hope that person has a site online, whoever he is.

Have subscribed to podcast of various DJs giving their royalty-free house music mixes for free. Although not all gives the kind of sound you like.

For these instances, you need a Music Maven who can spot the good ones legally, pay for it (fee or donation), and give it to their clients.

I think some will be willing to pay a nominal fee just to receive that download link to get a weekly or monthly music fix.

Stop blaming the consumers

Instead of blaming the consumers, the music industry has to look at itself and see whether they are doing a good job of serving their customers. Whether they are able to adapt or not in these changing times.

I miss the old days when music outfits are independent or not owned by media networks. There was a vibrant and competitive market space then.

But when media networks start owning their own music recording outfits and radio stations, priority has shifted and focus given to their in-house artist and brands. It is like a monopoly of sorts.

Looking at my 2008 write-ups below, unfortunately, not much has change. I hope our new breed of entrepreneurs, ex-music artist or not, will give a solution that may not only apply to the Philippines but to other markets as well having the same predicament.

Previous write-ups:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

MTV Emerge Winners

Here is a run down on the profile of MTV Emerge Winners

Rock/Experimental band Faircatch is composed of Lyndon Voltaire Baniqued in vocals, Johann Stephen Salas in guitars, Vistor Lozano in drums and Arvie San Buenaventura in bass. The band, which started in October 2008, strives to compose straightforward but catchy songs and is influenced by numerous artists from a mixture of different genres ranging from rock to alternative.

Yo Booty - Pino G

DirtyRoom Productions® | MySpace Music Videos

DRP – Dirty Room Productions
Hip hop group DRP is composed of Gryan Modejar “Pino-G”, Michael Angelo Bernardo “Mic-O” and Dino Reyes “Dno”. The members of DRP started on their own before teaming up with each other. The influences of the group include R. Kelly, T.I.P. and Threesix Mafia.

Soul Brothers
Formed in February 2006 in Cebu Rock band Soul Brothers is composed of Jay Dilan, Kniel Nangit, Randy Russel, Eddie YbaƱez and DJ Yangzy. Playing several genres of music ranging from rock, reggae and rap to punk and hip hop, the influences of the band include Abba and Zappa.

Mid Nasty
Hip hop group Mid Nasty is composed of Greedy, Andez, Fry, Early, Cloud and Kurt. Mid Nasty started way back 2001 in Dumaguete City, with Greedy and Andez as the frontliners of the band. The band’s vision is to represent the Visayas and the rest of the Philippines to the world. Their influences include Nelly & St. Lunatics, Black Eyed Peas, Lyfe Jennings, India Arie, Ludacris, J-Kwon and Chingy.

TBG (The Band Glenn)
Alternative rock band TBG is composed of Glenn Capanas, Ferdie Manigbas, Javen Liam, Glenn Gejon and Jobim Nillo. The band started out as an acoustic double with Glenn Capanas and Glenn Gejon. After a year of being a duo, both decided on starting a band to try and make it to the mainstream music arena. The influences of the band include Dishwalla, Incubus, Boyce Avenue, Splender, Goo Goo Dolls and John Mayer among others.

RnB and hip hop group Urbanation is composed of Art Camonayan, Brian Babilonia, Ryan Lim, PJ Olivares, Ian Tan, Joshua Paz and Juan Paolo dela Rama. The band started out in 2004 and has been creating original music ever since—with genres ranging from RnB, hip hop, urban to pop. The influences of the band include Chris Brown, Akon, Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake and Ne-yo.

The Pin-Up Girls
New wave and indie rock group Pin-Up Girls is composed of Jeng Tan, Ryan Nachura, Mitch Singson and Mondo Castro. The band was formed in the late nineties and has since created a lot of original compositions that reflect the craft of their numerous musical influences such as the Stone Roses, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Smiths, Pixies, The Cure, Violent Playground and The Dawn.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I first saw in person and up close during MTV Emerge winners announcement night last November 27. He is a Filipino-American hip hop musician, record producer and is best known as a member of the Black Eyed Peas.

It amazes me how Apl has brought his Filipino culture into his collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas. Some of the group's songs with Tagalog lyrics include "The Apl Song" from the album Elephunk, and "Bebot" from the Monkey Business album.

Currently, is working on a solo album. He would be collaborating with fellow Filipino-American Chad Hugo of The Neptunes and Illmind from G-Unit to incorporate traditional Filipino instruments into his songs.

Last January, he made a debut with the single, U Can Dream, featuring Florante and Billy Crawford. In August, he released a music video for his second single named Mama Filipina. started sharing his blessings through the Apl Foundation which is committed in giving back to communities and children within the Philippines and throughout Asia.

He recently established the music company called Jeepney Music that provides promotional and collaborative opportunities for artists to work with him. An artist's beats or music might be featured on Jeepney Radio or they might be invited to collaborate on a Jeepney Project.

Jeepney Music also fosters a non-exclusive community filled with content and connectivity between music, gossip, travel, food, entertainment, and living histories from the Philippines. It is one location where one can always track and participate in the Jeepney community. It is currently based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California and currently handles DJs such as Free School, DJ Rockyrock, DJ MIA, and PoetNameLife. recorded another tagalog song for Black Eyed Peas' fifth studio album, "The E.N.D.", the song is called "Mare". In 2009, he also had a song entitled "Take U to The Philippines" that is hitting the airwaves in the Philippines. The song is in partnership with the Department of Tourism of the Philippines.