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Sunday, November 4, 2007

X to launch 1st album

A good friend of mine, X, will be launching his first album hopefully this November. I'm giving an all out support to X as this guy is behind most of the art work behind the cover and layout of DigitalFilipino StatsReport series, my first book, layout of the Philippine Internet Review, among others.

In his site, there are currently two songs:X was on his 5th year of Electrical Engineering in college when he discovered his heart was in graphic design and the arts. He was a Mac evangelist in the early days of Mac/DOS wars and continues to be a Mac user. He is also the first to develop and market his custom fonts online. Now X is pursuing an old passion for music which is now possible with the developments in technology.

Congratulations X!

Rockista Craze version 2

This blog is now going through some changes. My daughter Janin has decided to focus more in her Friendster blog where most of her friend readers are.

This change gives me the opportunity to focus this blog in the music field and with emphasis on the evolution of the online music sector.

Welcome to Rockista Craze version 2!