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Sunday, February 25, 2007

1st night in Pinoy Big Brother or PBB season 2

On the first night of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) season 2 Toni, Mariel and Bianca only introduced six (6) housemates as Kuya ordered. Before they were formally introduced and entered the PBB house, participants stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Compared to the 1st season, things are different in the PBB facilities as there were 42 cameras and microphones inside Kuya's house. It was 27 last year. Interior designer Jezer Maducdoc was responsible for the PBB house layout.

The six housemates introduced are the following:
  1. Ezekiel Rebuso - 21 yrs old from Australia. He plays cricket, football, and a World of Warcraft player. He is also referred to as the "Australian Hottie".
  2. Wendy Valdez - 24 yrs old from Navotas. She's a Mascom student from FEU, a commercial model, and was a Bb. Pilipinas beauty titlist. She is tagged as the "Commercial Babe".
  3. Nel Rapiz- 25 yrs old from Iloilo. His parents are both cops and claims that this best asset is his excotic beuty. He refers to himself as "Mr. Perfect" and proud of being loved by women.
  4. Saicy Aguila - 23 yrs old from Bacolod. She's a dance instructor and called the "Samba Queen". She should join Shall We Dance or Born to Dance!
  5. Gee-Ann Sta. Maria - 21 yrs old from Quezon City. She's a cheerleader and treats her stuff toys like her babies. (that's what she meant when she claims being a mother for 15 years)
  6. Mickey Perz - The only contestant so far who can't speak English and Tagalog. He hopes to be able to communicate through dancing as he is known as the Hip-Hop King. He should become a rubber shoes or music/radio component endorser after his stint. I have a feeling that he may be the first to be to leave the house as his peers might have a hard time dealing with him - sooner or later.

They're the six housemates who's going to live in Kuya's house in 100+ days. There are several more entries that will be introduced at the right time. And I'm going to wait for that.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Torete rendition

Torete is a song by Moonstar88. I sang it last year in our school, on stage, because we have to perform in our program and didn't have any presentation to show.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Spolarium rendition

I love Eraserheads songs. For me it's about knowing yourself, really love how they sing it, and the lyrics - even though i can't understand it at first.

Welcome to Rockista Craze

hey guyz! welcome to my blog. I called it rockista craze because this is for guitar lovers or what you called 'Rockista' . I hope you'll like it. (Janin)