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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking for U2 Groupies Going to U2 360 Concert Tour Europe, USA, & Canada

Finally my wish is about to come true! I will be watching the U2 360 concert this year as U2 is scheduled to perform in major cities across Europe, USA, and Canada.

In fact, I'm dreaming a bit further and exploring the possibility of covering the whole tour. Although that would only be possible if I'll be able to meet someone or a U2 groupie in every location where I can join. With mobile Internet knowing to be fast in these target concert venues, I'm sure mobile blogging will be an exciting experience.

I'm now making inquiries with travel agents on how can this work-out if I'll be coming from Australia or Philippines. Although there is a possibility that in between countries or states, a bus or train ride can be explored. Your advise on how to cross from one country or state to another by other means of transportation, which may be cheaper than taking a plane, will be more than welcome!

So for those of you who will be watching the concert in these locations, I hope you can post a shout-out here especially if you want to help out fellow fans who wants to watch the concert in your location. (me! me!)

This whole tour is part of an effort to promote No Line On The Horizon. This is the new studio album from U2 that was just released this month. I will get my copy this week!

The band’s 12th studio album calls on the production talents of long-time collaborators Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, with additional production by Steve Lillywhite. The album is available in 5 different packages. This No Line On The Horizon version in Amazon.com is the standard album CD in a plastic jewel case w /24 page color booklet.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Goodbye Francis Magalona

For those of us who were able to enjoy the Bagets movie days, one will always remember Francis Magalona. Especially for those those of us who were so "ga-ga" over Aga Mulach and got cured by it when Francis Magalona came along.

Francis eversince then has re-invented himself from a dancer, rapper, singer, husband, father, among others. You will hardly hear any bad word or rumor being said about the guy. So you can say that he has lived his life well.

Knowing that he passed away with leukemia at age 44 (at Medical City in Mandaluyong) is quite sad. He is so young. What he went through is also a good reminder for us not to take our life for granted, despite what we perceive as far-fetch as we are still in our "youth" years.

Through social networks, Francis Magalona kept his fans & friends posted with his treatment. One of his latest entries even showed his photos as he went through his 4th chemo cycle then with supporters giving encouragement & prayers.

There is also another blog, Happy Battle, that gets regularly updated by his wife, Pia, that gave progress as well on his treatment.

It can be fairly said that Francis is the 1st celebrity who used social networks to reach out and kept in touch with people, including friends and fans, that cared for him during the biggest battle of his life. Hoping that in the process, it will also bring courage to others who may be going through the same situation.

Rest in peace Francis Magalona. May you have a great journey ahead.

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