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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bad rumor - Julius Babao's baby is dead

Julius Babao's baby is dead, at least in bad neighborhood rumors
Can you believe? Some people these days love to make speculative stories about other people. Just like my friend's neighbor. Her friend shared that Julius Babao's daughter died from an accident while doing a diaper commercial . The story goes like this, "Juliu's role is to lift her daughter up high, letting go a bit, and then catch her. They said he did but was not able to catch her that resulted to her death.

I was shocked to hear about it and told my mom, siblings, and yayas. My mom smiled saying that it's not true. Coz' if its true then it should have been reported on news and must saw it on the Internet already as they are famous. Then I just laughed at myself as always. hehe :)

Funny is, although I'm already enlightened, some of my friends still talks about it and convinced that the news was just supressed. Oh well...

Spolarium (take 2)
This is my take 2 of Spolarium but now using different a recording gadget and guitar for reasons i mentioned on my previous video. Not that I have no new song to sing but I'm still figuring out my next one. Any suggestion?

We are scheduled to visit a relative in Australia soon. As not all of us will go, I asked my Mom if she will leave them money behind. She answered just a little and will just send money to the Philippines online. Ang galing noh? Puwede na pala yun ngayon? She even told me that if I do well with my singing, I can sell songs in the future through the Internet. Hayy... someday...
I hope that will happen soon.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Torete rendition (take 2)

I sung this song before using my old guitar now i sing it again using my new Alegre guitar from Cebu and recorded using Nokia N73.

I sung it again because i want to make it better coz' the old video is not good enough for me. Like the place i took the old video its not nice. My dad didn't like it too, that's why i changed the place. Everything. Even the recorder i used change, the first one was recorded using a Sony MAVICA . This time my mom's demo phone, Nokia N73. It was better as its limit time is up to 18 minutes. That's why i can finish my song unlike the previous one. Sony MAVICA has a limit of 1 minute only. I hope this one turns better.

Torete was originally sung by Moonstar 88. I like Moonstar 88's revival and their contribution to the Apo Hiking Society tribute, Panalangin. They sung it very well. I like it and their video is great too.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Zombie rendition

Zombie was originally sung by the Cranberries. I really love this song because for me napaka- unique nung pagkaka-gawa. Gets? It's so very kakaiba. Not like other songs and that's why I picked it.

One of the reasons why I haven't been able to blog and upload a video regularly was my sickness, "katam" (laziness). Seriously, it's true. Pero bukod doon, alam niyo ba na nag-aral ako for more than 2 months ng American accent sa Informatics. Ito yung call center course nila. Kasi para raw mag-improve ang pang-English. Would you believe that? Mga classmate ko ay puro mga working na. But still, nakuha ko best American accent award nung last day namin. I'm so proud. Hehehehe.....

Mahirap din pala ang mag business. I tried selling prepaid load here in my neighborhood because my Auntie got into this Xpan product. It allows a mobile user on unlimited text to be able to send to multiple networks on a flat rate. I find it hard to explain though. As we are about to take a break in another location soon, our yaya is now handling it.

Well.. if you want to request some songs, leave a message or comment here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

By request: Will You Ever Learn

This song, Will You Ever Learn by Typecast, was requested by Ryan Valiente, one of my contacts in Friendster. He said that he loves this song so much. Well..the song was really nice, the lyrics.... everything... It's just pretty hard to sing it. Haha!.

Actually he is the first one to request a song, coz' most of my music videos here were not requested, only picked.

I'm pretty much used to my Alegre guitar now. My mom is giving me the challenge to create a simple song dedicated to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. I'm not sure if I can do it.

I must admit that since I start putting my videos online, I often get teased by friends. Usually parinig o pang-asar lang. Magtatanong sila sa akin, "Sino ang kumanta ng (ganitong song) sa YouTube?" Obviously, dahil original composition ko yung tinutukoy nila, eh di ako yun. Kaya dead-ma na lang din ang reply ko.

So guys if you want to request some songs, just leave a comment or I can add you in my Friendster. Kaya mga ka-bloggers add lang ng add and send your request if you want to hear me sing it.

By the way, sabi ng mama ko, I can now earn a little money through blogging by putting advertisement here. Did you know that she can accept credit cards in the Philippines with Email Billing? She has this club membership kasi and I asked her how does she collect from them. Sabi niya through credit card daw and she sends her billing through e-mail. From there, she gets paid. I wonder kung mayroon mag-donate sa akin someday dito sa blog ko para magamit ko rin yun.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Why I love O2Jam

O2 jam is the best game i ever played for now because it's very challenging: the mission, the clothes, everything. I love this game because it helps me to get my finger faster and faster on typing and i look very pretty with my clothes. Haha!!

If you will be playing O2 jam for the first time, here are some tips:
  • Concentrate on the music because it's getting harder if you don't listen to it.
  • Always start with the easy mode before getting to normal and hard mode.
  • If you think that its really hard, create a single room first so that you could practice alone.
  • And always look if you're clicking the right keys.