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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Faircatch wins MTV Spotlight!

Last Friday (November 27), I went to Mall of Asia's Music Hall to witness the MTV Emerge event where the 7 winners have to compete to get the coveted MTV Spotlight prize.

The seven acts winning a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music and mentorship under Apl.de.ap are DRP, Faircatch, Mid Nasty, The Pin-Up Girls, Soul Brothers, The Band Glenn (TBG) and Urbanation. Their contracts include artist management and promotion, digital distribution of 3 – 6 songs and a strategic marketing plan for them to be able to break into both the Philippine and international markets.

Created to discover the most promising talents in the Philippines, MTV Emerge will give these winners the chance to break into the local and international music scenes through a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music. The seven winners were among a total of 1,858 entries received from unsigned musicians invited to upload samples of their original music on the MTV Emerge website from October 5 to November 15.

The winners, aside from being selected from the top rated and most voted entries, were judged based on their creativity, the originality of their craft, the eminence of their live performances, strong appeal to the public and the innovativeness of their lyrics and melody.

“The seven winners really are what we were looking for. Their unique talents very well characterize what MTV Emerge is about – homegrown talents trying to reach out to the world through their music while at the same time proudly representing our country,” said Apl.de.ap.

The MTV Emerge winners impressed the audience with their talents through different genres of music. DRP showcased their edgy RnB tunes, Soul Brothers hyped the crowd with their reggae beats, Faircatch awed the mass with their hard rock music, TBG made use of their awesome vocals and guitar skills, Mid Nasty drove the crowd wild with their novel hip hop tunes, The Pin-Up Girls went all out pop rock and Urbanation lightened up the mood with their soulful pop and RnB sounds.

After the winners showcased their signature songs, the Spotlight winner was chosen and presented to Faircatch.

Rock and experimental band Faircatch is composed of Lyndon Voltaire Baniqued in vocals, Johann Stephen Salas in guitars, Vistor Lozano in drums and Arvie San Buenaventura in bass. The band, which started in October 2008, strives to compose straightforward but catchy songs and is influenced by numerous artists from a mixture of different genres ranging from rock to alternative.

The panel of judges present at the MTV Emerge concert were Rico Blanco, Karylle, MTV Philippines’ Georgette Tengco and MTV SEA and Greater China’s Head of Content, Sari Trisulo. They chose a Spotlight winner who surpassed all expectations and emerged as the best among the best.

Apl.de.ap finished the MTV Emerge concert by entertaining the crowd at the Music Hall with his spinning skills.

MTV Emerge was a result of the collaboration of MTV, Secretary Ace Durano of the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Jeepney Music, providing Filipino bands the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their talents locally and internationally. Through MTV Emerge, Jeepney Music and DOT were able to reach out to younger generations of world travelers, especially those who are drawn to the Philippines' musical culture. The search highlighted the global appeal of up-and-coming Filipino artists, and gave prominence to the Philippines' musical heritage on the world stage.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hard to say I'm sorry? I don't agree!

Lately, I've been hearing this song on the radio and you know it is a fairly old one from Chicago with lead singer Peter Cetera on vocals. I never really agreed with it. There are a lot of ways on how lovers say sorry to each other back then and now. Like:

1. There is your usual love letter
2. Actual saying of "I'm sorry"
3. Serenade
4. Ask a friend or relative to say sorry for you.
5. Buy a greeting card with the words I'm sorry and give to the person.
6. If you are good in art (those in the 80s can relate to this), get an illustration board and draw an image reflecting your thoughts with the lyrics of this song. I have a friend who actually got this one.
7. With the mobile phone, you can always send a text message.
8. With the Internet, there's e-mail, instant messaging, chat, virtual greeting card or gifts.
9. And finally, just hold the person's hand or give the person a hug or if you are lovers then just kiss (LOL!).

Of course, if that person doesn't deserve an apology, you can always say the famous Gone with the Wind movie line, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

So to Chicago and Peter Cetera, I don't agree with your song.