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Saturday, March 10, 2007

My first composition - "I don't"

Hi. Well, actually it was my friend's story and i just made a song about it. She just asked me to made a song for the guy then here it is.


  1. Hi there fellow singer songwriter. :)

    That composition's pretty good. too bad the vocals weren't really recorded in a way that they could be heard better. :) Good job, paren. ;P

  2. ayos!

    brad dala ka gitara sa iblog3! hehe...

    marunong ako konti, eheads tayo! yeah!

  3. Yeah like what lateralus said medyo sabog nga yung audio. Flat din yata yung ibang notes :) Peace!

    Pero maganda yung kanta. (Sabay bawi!)

    Vocalist lang kasi ako at walang alam sa mga gitara pero sa pagkanata maayos naman ako. Lol.

  4. nice. mejo flat nga lang yata yung ibang notes. :) peace po!

  5. Hoy! Malabo. Next time dapat live performance :)