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Saturday, January 10, 2009

6 Ways to Get Fans Engage Through Contests

There are many options that music artists can promote their music online. But these days, artists should go out of their way and involve fans as much as they can. This include:
  1. Let your fans submit composition that can be used for your next song.
    Of course mechanics on royalties should be clear prior to start of the activity.

  2. Have fans submit their music demo and be included in your next album.

  3. Have a CD design contest and let fans vote for it.

  4. Have fans do a cover of you or your band, upload in music video sites, and you pick the winner.

  5. If you have a fast or dance song, then the focus can be on creating a special dance number.

  6. Another could be the creation of a music video of the song or a spoof of it.
  • I guess the point of this post is that artists, whether they are well known or still starting, should not hesitate exploring various ways they can promote their work and get the fans involved.
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