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Monday, June 1, 2009

Be inspired and win an iTouch from Firefalldown!

Firefalldown, a Filipino-British band, DRIVEN by a passion to INSPIRE people through music, is dead set on reaching people through their music, in the hopes of stirring listeners to make a difference in life and live out their God-given dreams. Now, you have a chance to join and inspire others! Share your thoughts with the world by creating a blog entry about the band’s music, how it connects with your life, and how you have been inspired!

Just 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Sign up for the the band newsletter to get updates on the band and our music;
  2. Write, in your blogs or social-network-site, about howFirefalldown’s music connects with your life
  3. Link the word firefalldown to the URL(www.firefalldown.com) in your blog;
  4. Post a picture with your article that best encapsulatesthe experience;
  5. Send the link to your blog to firefalldowninspirepromo@gmail.com

Every blogger will receive a signed copy of the single Commissioned completely free!

Bi-weekly finalists will be posted on www.firefalldown.com and best blog over the next 3 months gets a free iTouch!

Join the firefalldown inspire promo and keep visiting www.firefalldown.com for more information and updates!

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