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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Edgar Nacua plays Canon in D (Rock version)

The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center does it again with Canon in D. This time, they also got Edgar Nacua to play the guitar. Amazing!

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  1. Some comments on Edgar's piece with the Dancing Inmates.

    fantastic performance by guitarist edgar nacua. i hope he uploads his own guitar performances. ill be his number one fan. i enjoyed viewing this particlar video may times over. does he have a regular gig in cebu or elsewhere? ill be more than happy to see him perform live! cheers!

    'll tell you why Cebuanos are guitarists. The guitar making industry in the Phils is in Cebu (Lapu-lapu City in particular). I would like to guess that for every 10 Cebuanos, 9 would be able to play the guitar. Five of the 9 may be considered as good guitarists and 2 are better and the remaining 2 are what we may call lead guitarists. No wonder Cebuano guitarists are all over the place and even in foreign lands.

    Posted By: nycbisdak