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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Visiting Adelaide Museums

Today is our first week in Adelaide. Last Wednesday, I started attending school. On the first day, someone was ordered to tour me. Honestly, I didn't enjoyed it a lot coz' they don't talk to me too much. I didn't make friends actually because I guess they are still trying to figure me out. I noticed also that the girls in my class have piercings on their nose and lips and even their ears are full of earrings.

On my second day, two of my classmates was called at the Principal's Office because they had a fight. They pulled each other's hair and they even slap each other's face which was so scary.

I hope that I will adjust soon.

We visited the National Science Week exhibit at the South Australia Museum yesterday and it was fun. Because, I had a picture taken while touching a Diamond Python. According to the lady from South Australian Herpetology group, the Diamond Python is a female and she's a non-venomous, 18 months old, and a friendly snake. The snake felt so silky, smooth, and warm.

There are so many animals there too. And there's a big skeleton of a sperm whale, tortoise , and dolphin.

We also stopped by the Art Gallery of South Australia. I saw many painting there and so amaze coz' they look real! I even wanted to touch it but I'm just forcing myself not to do it (not allowed).

At first, I didn't want to go because I wasn't feeling that well (that monthly visitor). I also thought it would be boring and just a waste of time. But in the end, i felt better and never thought that I'll enjoy it. We might visit it again soon as we were rushing then.

Our house really has a very nice backyard and we could plant some stuff there. My mom is now fixing her schedule to make time for it and will be buying plants, seeds, and agricultural chemicals soon.

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  1. Just saying hi. I found your blog a month or two back, when I was researching Cebu made guitars. I'm filipino myself (in California), and play some guitar so thats two things we have in common. I wish you good luck and I'll be sure to be watching your blog.... it's quite interesting.

    Going into a new school is hard, I know. Infact, as I write this, I am only an hour or two away from starting a new school myself.