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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Interview

As my sister shared in her blog, we're now in Adelaide, Australia. Well, it was too tiring for me because, our flight is too early and we have to wait many hours in Singapore for our next flight. But, the good thing is, there's free internet in Singapore that's why i survived in boredom. When we arrived, i saw my father waiting for us with his friend, to help us for our things. And at last we got home, i slept all they long. Well, not all day coz' when we arrived we have to go to grocery first w/c is bad, coz' I'm too tired for it.

My brother enrolled to his school last Monday at Seaton Park Primary School which is great coz' he is too bored in our house. Well, we got enrolled too at Findon High School. Our class starts tomorrow.

Today I got interviewed in my new school Findon High School. Well, at first i just picked my subjects, then, I had a conversation with an English teacher and he asked me to write a paragraph about the Philippines. I got nervous coz' honestly, i'm not good at essay writing. Afterwards, they told me what's going to happen tomorrow at my first day. Someone will be assigned to tour me in our school which is good coz' I'm hoping to make friends soon.

I'll be recording a song this week and will post it soon.


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