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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Torete rendition (take 2)

I sung this song before using my old guitar now i sing it again using my new Alegre guitar from Cebu and recorded using Nokia N73.

I sung it again because i want to make it better coz' the old video is not good enough for me. Like the place i took the old video its not nice. My dad didn't like it too, that's why i changed the place. Everything. Even the recorder i used change, the first one was recorded using a Sony MAVICA . This time my mom's demo phone, Nokia N73. It was better as its limit time is up to 18 minutes. That's why i can finish my song unlike the previous one. Sony MAVICA has a limit of 1 minute only. I hope this one turns better.

Torete was originally sung by Moonstar 88. I like Moonstar 88's revival and their contribution to the Apo Hiking Society tribute, Panalangin. They sung it very well. I like it and their video is great too.


  1. cool, you reminds me of the old-me-in-teenage-years ..gah, i feel old :) keep it up!

  2. u have the talent kid... cool :)

  3. very good...when i was a teenager i also play guitar..just don't have the talent that i did not improved.

    keep up you might be the next avril. cheers