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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bad rumor - Julius Babao's baby is dead

Julius Babao's baby is dead, at least in bad neighborhood rumors
Can you believe? Some people these days love to make speculative stories about other people. Just like my friend's neighbor. Her friend shared that Julius Babao's daughter died from an accident while doing a diaper commercial . The story goes like this, "Juliu's role is to lift her daughter up high, letting go a bit, and then catch her. They said he did but was not able to catch her that resulted to her death.

I was shocked to hear about it and told my mom, siblings, and yayas. My mom smiled saying that it's not true. Coz' if its true then it should have been reported on news and must saw it on the Internet already as they are famous. Then I just laughed at myself as always. hehe :)

Funny is, although I'm already enlightened, some of my friends still talks about it and convinced that the news was just supressed. Oh well...

Spolarium (take 2)
This is my take 2 of Spolarium but now using different a recording gadget and guitar for reasons i mentioned on my previous video. Not that I have no new song to sing but I'm still figuring out my next one. Any suggestion?

We are scheduled to visit a relative in Australia soon. As not all of us will go, I asked my Mom if she will leave them money behind. She answered just a little and will just send money to the Philippines online. Ang galing noh? Puwede na pala yun ngayon? She even told me that if I do well with my singing, I can sell songs in the future through the Internet. Hayy... someday...
I hope that will happen soon.

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